EU Online 3 Nov Recap:

Just this last thursday we had a fun turnout, not huge, but 12 is fine, with some players who failed to turn up and others jumping in, plus some maniac musical chairs going on.  I can’t exactly understand why people enjoyed this session more than others but hey I ain’t arguing!

“Thanks for the tournament. It was funny”

“Thx man, btw that was good tourney for me. I enjoyed much more this time.”


Here’s grand finals if you just don’t have the time


here’s the winner’s finals part that I missed

Thanks to Emsal!

And here’s the whole tournament

Next time will be private with PSN ids for invites only, sorry.

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UK: Rival Scenes

The UK’s biggest team battle, which we are sponsoring!

More info

Colombia Cup II

Will be streamed by Romance!

More info

USA: Youmacon at 2pm

 Godlike Saturday

Is also on in the Midwest starting at 2pm with kof

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