Canada Cup Top 8 Now

Streaming now!!!


Xiaohai, Dakou, Go1, Wong, Nerdjosh, Vicio, Karn & Poongko in attendance with some unknown faces that might be hardened killers, will be fun to watch!

Will the nerfs make all the difference?   Let’s see which top tiers will come on top?  My bet’s on Robbbbbbert, Mai & Mature with some surprise Gang Ils running everywhere.  Just watch.

Xiaohai already has his qualifier spot, so he’ll have to pass it on, but who will get it?  Tune in to find out!

Top 8 are:

CanadaCup #KOFXIV top-8

@Xiaohai_ v @NerdJosh
@1itzentl v Dakou

@TF_Straywolf v @Diaphone0
@karntact v @Chris_F_22

(Sat) October 29th, Local Time 2PM – 6PM – UTC/GMT -4

(Sun) October 30th [Top 8] 9AM – 12AM

Next Online Battle

Don’t forget our stream page is already ready for the next Thursday Tournament on Nov 3!

Until then dab dab dab



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