Combos and Tech #KOFXIV 001

So in our series of posts which I really don’t have time for lol here comes a round up of announcements for the players.  We got Iori infinites, Kyo swag, input data, Share Play, Mai Stun, safe jumps & Kara Roll.  I’ll pack this all up into a nice app coming very soon!  And Oda’s autographed poster!

In an update to our article about frame lag, Atma has discovered that the game has 4F input buffer.

You what, lad?

Come on m8!
It changes nothing about intentional lag nor simultaneous input.
What it means is that you can press your normal 3 frames before blockstun ends, and it will still come out the first frame.
You can do your link 3 frames earlier than you are supposed to, and it will still work.

Ohhhh, riiiiiight.

So I can mash earlier while blocking? Awesome!

It’s a bit confusing how we’re supposed to be more precise but the game is more forgiving but whatever.

I was pleasantly surprised with KOD today while playing online, he has the advantages I thought he would have.

  • cr A pause hcb A
  • fwd A or cr A to guard point
  • use EX hcb AC to punish whiffs

But he still sucks.

Online, what? Oh you mean Share Play.  Here’s the tutorial.  Don’t expect miracles, this is not actual in game netcode.


Rolls not long enough? Try kara roll

Bubblan Swag Kyo Combo

Dark Chaotix Kyo

Silly ass Mai Stun Combo

But I guess that’s still a lot of hits!

Iori Infinite / Stun


Gutts Safe jumps



Oh and here’s YOda’s sig

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