The KOF Drive Cancel Regional Tournament May 12, 2012


Local Battles presents the KOF Drive Cancel Regional Tournament
Pre-registration: (take advantage of our early bird special!!)

Organizers: NJ Marco Polo (@NJMarcoPolo) & Local Battles (@LocalBattles)

Marco is a dedicated KOF player and 2 time Kumate champ. Local Battles has helped boost the fgc scene in NJ/NYC ever since they opened. They have experience in organizing tournaments for multiple games.

Date: May 12, 2012
Casuals and Registration begin at 12 PM
Brackets start at approximately 3pm – 4pm

Please call one of the organizers if you will be late so we can hold a spot for you!

Local Battles
1207 Anderson Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ, 07024

Streamed by Local Battles
Venue Fee: $25 at the door *save 5-10 dollars through pre-registration at
Pot Entry: $20 (BIG MONEY HYPE!!!)
Top 3 Prize distribution: 70-20-10

Update 4/18: $10 dollar spectator fee. Allows spectators of the tournament to play casuals or any other games that LocalBattles has in their store (pretty much all the current gen fighting games)

The Drive Cancel Regional is here for The King of Fighters community. We believe in building a community that is strongly dedicated to KOF so in response we have created the Drive Cancel show and regional tournament. The purpose behind our show is to boost the KOF community for the East coast. We have a stream show every Saturday to discuss about fundamentals, matchups experiences, interviews with veterans and newcomers joining the scene, and live casuals. With that being said, we are going to host a big KOF tournament for all to attend.

This tournament is an open invitation for any player that wants to prove their skills as well as players that simply love the game. Particularly, it is to see who is deemed the best out of their respective regions. Spread the word! Who is really the best in the Northeast?

The rules are as follows:
King of Fighter XIII (Xbox 360)
3v3 format of course!
60 second rounds
All characters legal
Best 2/3 Games
Winners/Losers Finals are 3/5.
Grand Finals is 3/5, the player from loser’s bracket must win two 3/5 sets in order to reset the bracket and win the tournament.

Players may change team/order after a loss. If this occurs, winner may change the order of his team.

Guest to attend: NJMarcoPolo, RogueYoshi, FC NYChris G, DJ Huoshen, Jaguar, Zerp, Steve H. and other competitive players on the scene. Maybe you! We will also have exhibition matches upon request so we are really looking forward to a great event!

More details will be posted soon (good food/hotel/traveling tips). Stay tuned and support your scene! I hope to hear from all of you soon and perhaps see you at our event.

Please RSVP!

To follow us and help build the community please follow us on Twitter and Facebook @Drivecancel and watch our weekly show at Local Battles Gaming Center every Saturday at 8pm Eastern time. The show is streamed at So let’s get hype and have fun and build something amazing together. We are family we are KOF.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to notify us.

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