It’s official, KOF at MLG Spring Championships

Thanks to all who passed on the tweets and messages while I had passed out waiting for the news.

If you were following the tweets you would have noticed that the price for flights has come down by £200 so it’s prime time to book em before they start going up again.

What you can do to help:
I’m not gonna sugar coat this: if KOF gets a poor turnout, it will highly likely that MLG will drop KOF.

1) register!
2) get a spectator ticket and fill up those seats, we don’t need some bored looking dude yawning in the front row during the finals.
3) watch the stream and unblock your ads so that MLG makes some money and pleases their sponsors.
4) tell everyone about it!

The official announcement:

The Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA on June 8-10 will feature Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, and KING OF FIGHTERS XIII on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™). We’re working on some changes to the floor stations and the general layout that will improve the live experience for competitors and spectators. We’ll release additional details on that, prizing, rules and competition formats for each game soon.

Venue spectator passes for the Spring Championship are available now and competitor passes will be available on May 1 at 7pm ET.

Stay tuned for more information regarding fighters and additional Spring games.

FYI for those asking, Anaheim will have the same schedule as MLG columbus for FGC titles: KOF-SCV-MK.

Here’s the official link

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