KOF GCC Tournament – Dubai Edition

KOF GCC Tournament where KOF Players & FGC from all the six countries of GCC region compete with each others and with international players is back again in it’s biggest edition. The tournament is scheduled on 25th & 26th of December at the city of Dubai. This edition will feature…

Stream and Schedule #hypespotting #igt2015 (updated)

IGT 2015   4/4?sat? 10:00 QQ98UMFE 4/4?sat? 13:00 DOA5LR 4/4?sat? 15:00 GGXrd 4/4?sat? 17:00 VF5FS 4/4?sat? 18:00 UMVC3 4/4?sat? 20:00 USF4 4/5?sun? 10:00 KOF02UM 4/5?sun? 12:00 SFIII3rd (Reportedly Canceled) 4/5?sun? 13:00 98UMFE 4/5?sun? 15:00 KOF13 Exibitions HYPESPOTTING 2015 OFFICIAL SCHEDULE: Saturday 4th April ——————————–09:00 – 11:00: Registration11:00 – 15:00: Ultra…

#BBCP Tournois + Matches #acho

EU Online Tournament TODAY. Sign up here, we will arrange for matches!!! We will start when we get 8 minimum. Already signed up is the BBCP Champ from IVGC and Japan Expo, Destroy. Can you lag him out? xD MEET UP AT EU SERVER: 8th City WADATSUMI Lobby #1 –…

All #EVO2014 Finals

KOF XIII SF2X USF4 BBCP UMVC3 MK9 SkullGirls Tekken Tag Tournament Injustice SSMB Killer Instinct Big props to Luffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Stream for #DoubleKoSummerEvent

Unfortunately the bandwidth at the venue was too crappy so there won’t be any streaming. But the videos will be uploaded very soon to youtube. http://m.youtube.com/#/user/DoubleKOasso?&desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2FDoubleKOasso