Secret of Systems Guide by Gato Ray #kof13se

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Secret of System Guide has been added to the HUGE tutorial page in the wiki. Thanks to Gato Ray it is subtitled in English and covers alternating guard and notes on HD activation.  Check it out!

No Stream for #DoubleKoSummerEvent

Unfortunately the bandwidth at the venue was too crappy so there won’t be any streaming. But the videos will be uploaded very soon to youtube.

Prizes to be won by 4th August

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Incentive? Ok here we go! Our lovely raffle for our HD upgrade is not over yet, EVERY donator is in the draw to win a KOF XIII figurine, getting more rare by the day, with no sight of vol 2… Anyway, throw in those donations, every one is a chance…

Elisabeth, Ryo and Opening People up! @juicebox_fgc @dreamcancel

GUIDES GUIDES GUIDES! How can you still be lost? MORE MORE MORE INCOMING! LIZ! RYO! So you’ve been learning KOF13, grinding out those elite combos in practice mode and looking real badass while doing it. But there’s a problem – when you start fighting your friends, you can’t seem to…

Team Battle on Youtube and more!

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KOF in France! KOF in the UK! Watch live video from thewonderpark on TwitchTV What, did you say it was payday? Did you see those blackouts on the stream? Help us upgrade to make HD streams and tutorials! [donation-can goal_id=’hd-upgrade’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]