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VSFXI aftermath

   FGC News   August 24, 2023  No Comments

All I can say is, this tournament is currently held in high regard by viewers all over the world.  Why?  Because of the character variety.  It’s always a challenge for players to submit to the top tiers, and sometimes it comes back to bite them in the ass, for various reasons.

Some of the players have complained about their performance and that being indicative of the scene but frankly if you watch The Fight in Colombia you will certainly see a different style of fighting, and it certainly makes you wonder.  Some of the matches feel like they are just playing one second ahead, as if online with a laggy connection, and just taking chances with their strategy, while in the UK it seemed more reactive to real live situations.  That’s just a quick view, mind you.

What is certainly clear is that if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely watch VSFXI.  You will see a variety of characters perhaps unmatched in the world right now: Kukri, Antonov, Isla, Clark, Mai, King… and of course great commentary provided by Frelissimo and Grimulus.

I don’t believe the players should downplay themselves, what I saw was real psychological damage, and who has the answer to dealing with the stress of trying to win with a ticket to Japan on the line?  There are new faces in the community with lightning reflexes, so it’s going to get even harder from this point on to stay in the top 10, anyone up there should be very proud of themselves, and the rest just needs to keep playing!

Congrats to Kong, it will great to see him in Japan for the SNK World Championship, and thanks to everyone who did their best!


Replay (direct link here)

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