When you get to play XIII, you’ll face a few things:

Iori spamming jump D.? Not unlike 98, you’ll need to have extremely fast reactions to anti air with a good standing A or other anti air such as Beni’s c B.? I need to measure the block stun as there may be other ways…

K’ all over your face.? Not sure what to do but it does seem like his qcf A is actually vulnerable to jump attacks.

Raiden’s drop kicks: you need to see if your opponent is holding the B button, because if so, they can’t roll, which means it’s time to pressure and throw.? The biggest problem is once he gets charged up to a certain time, the drop kick is invincible!

Thanks again to Hokuto Youssef and the guys at La Mythik for looking after us and being helpful – they remember how I helped out with arranging matches in London, so it just shows that being nice does pay off!

All the videos are all going up on the ON channel as we speak, I’ll put up a playlist next post.

Here are our personal photos from the trip:? Watch out for Michel’s riot of the blood and Gunsmith’s constant panic of not getting to the arcade on time!

If you’re thinking of visiting La Mythik, check out their website for directions etc.

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