PS. For the moment we will be dropping support for Jojo’s. One less game, one less headache!
PPS. MOA is not in this photo.

Flavours of the month: Duo Lon + Athena.
Why Athena, you say?

Here, thanks to ChocoboTiger, you have another illegal chance to check out perhaps the best Athena in Japan right now.
Shout outs to Kumo who has a pretty damn good Athena too!
Salad will be studying this with great interest.

While we’re waiting for the replays of the Salim vs Luis Cha FT10, you can check out RifRaf (Farid) vs Luis Cha right here:

FT5 – RifRaf vs Luis Cha par maxmodetv


FT10 Luis 10 – Salim 4
FT5 Luis 5 – Salim 2

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