From Myu:
???????????????????????????????????????ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!?

Special thanks to SNKPLAYMORE for the steam prizes, everyone was very surprised and happy!

Thanks to everyone who came, we had around 72 registered, with a final 69 making 23 teams! It was awesome! Many players came to tell me how they enjoyed the event, and were happy to get some tips from their team captain!
Congratulations to Rinomoto and everyone who participated! Keep training!

Brackets are here

Special Thanks to Myu for running the tournament with Haregoro; Kantoku(Keykakko) for the brackets administration. Koukou and Haregoro on commentary were awesome as usual! A big thanks to also Koucha who came for translation aid on short notice!

It was great to see old friends such as Dune, Ringo, Tenkawa, Mari-chan, and the usual gang plus new friends such as Kumo and Yanma and the guys at my table! Haha Fire Sisters > Flame Iori

We have a special announcement soon as you will have new ON representatives for Japan, Chile and French Guiana! But that’s not all, this wednesday we will see the 7th ON champion at Nishinippori Game Center Versus! Stay tuned for the post!

Stream archives can be seen with a Nico premium account or wait for the usual Nico Dorobos to upload to youtube :3


Event After-parties are even more awesome? Hmmmm I dunno lol but what a great time! We talked about tiers, characters, old kofs and new, and it always surprises me to find players who first played KOF in 2002!

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