KOF Funnies

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Due to popular demand, here are some funnies brought back from the archives.

Cosplay Time!

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Summer Ranbat Results & Photos @versusdojo

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ON | Mixup Results #Yatagarasu

Well I can’t believe it :p I GOTS FIGHT MONAYYYYY People were hype for YG. Crashman learnt the game in a few games!!! We will be running this again. Brackets Videos Photos Pre-Registration Lottery We had many lottery winners, but as they had left early, their prize was passed to…

#Yatagarasu @arcadestreet Interviews, photos, matches

From the freeplay promo event. N’OUBLIEZ PAS – TOURNOI SAMEDI 29 JUIN @AS!!! Si vous cherchez le Movelist, c’est ici dans le forum. Player Interviews In a nutshell, they said it was good, solid and fun. I was surprised at how they all liked it, only 1 was cursing it…