So you know I like playing KOF, right? That’s why I don’t update much here. The last post was about doom and gloom if SNK didn’t say anything at the end of SWC.  Well they didn’t, but they also dropped a hint, kind of.  And then they dropped another one (see below).

Anyway, as we said, the hopium would be huffed until EVO USA, and this weekend it’s EVO Japan!

RF & Kindevu also entering kof15 along with Haregoro, Dune, Score, Koukou, SR, Pineapple, Madkof, Tamago, Xiaohai, ZJZ, Mok, White Ash X, K2, Gosyo, M’, Leshar, ET, Score, Abao, Lacid, Laggia, all the usual crew hehe it’s gonna be fun

Also interestingly Tikok, Ichimu, Victor from France, Frionel from Morocco, Dark Angel from Mexico, Akira and Harumi could cause BIG upsets.  I don’t recognise all the names… could be a killer lurking in the brackets!!

As for announcements, there will be a liveshow from Harada’s bar featuring Harada (BN), Oda (SNK), Nishitani (Arika) and Ishiwatari (ASW).  The last time they had a roundtable, someone was saying certain things about rollback… and then afterwards, SNK announced rollback.  A selection of pro gamers and cosplayers will also feature.

Out of nowhere, the next SNK World Championship was announced.  Why this wasn’t announced at a show, beats me, but there you have it, and this was the second hint to keep the fires burning for season 3.  Of course, with COTW on the distant horizon it is a wonder if the next SWC will actually take place in 2026 and feature three games.  It’s going to get very complicated, but it’s certainly something SNK should do.

You can see the stream schedule at EVO’s website but for KOF fans it’s simply

Saturday (2:30pm – 8:30pm JST) (6:30am-12.30pm UK) (07:30-13:30 CET)  KOFXV Round 1 on twitch stream 2 edit here is the youtube

Sunday (10:30 – 1:30pm JST) (2:30am – 5:30am UK (03:30-06:30 CET) KOF Finals on twitch stream 1 update here is the youtube

They will also be broadcast on youtube, but EVO put up the links in their original URL gibberish on a graphic without clickable links and so nobody is going to write that down.

Update: I just woke up to read that apparently the day 1 stream was a bit of a shambles with not many matches shown… oh dear.  Checking over the footage it seems likely they had some technical issues.  These things happen, sadly.

I may restream a bit.

Finally there is a golden week sale on steam and playstation network, featuring a few SNK games.  You may notice MOTW trying to get you warmed up for the next episode…

Whatever you do, enjoy the show this weekend and cheer on Haregoro and everyone!

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