I was just thinking to myself the other day how strange it was that the grand finals were in China. Then I remembered that SNK is owned (and graciously funded) by a Chinese company.

So, that’s cool, more money on flying players around and spreading hype to China. But alas, for reasons known to them only, the organisation of the WCS has changed and now the grand finals will occur completely in Tokyo.

So that’s 16 players all going to Tokyo, with one finally crowned as SNK World Champion.

The Final Entrant

After rumours flying around that it was Ryan Hart or another famous SF player (not to discredit Ryan as he is an old skool KOF player), finally it seems that the powers that be settled on a European rep who has actually been competing and playing and streaming KOF XIV – and that’s….

ALIOUNEĀ will be the last competitor in a glorious line up, including various champions.

  • Alioune
  • Cipher
  • ET
  • Xiaohai
  • Frionel
  • gxbridget
  • KBR
  • BallHK
  • Madkof
  • Dakou
  • Lancer
  • Naiwang
  • Picnic
  • Reynald
  • M’
  • Toshi

Read more about these competitors here.


And while Atlus is celebrating that the game they supported in various tournaments has made EVO’s top 8 (but no Sunday finals) other publishers are trying to jump on the bandwagon (cough cough).

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