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The 2019 SNK WCS have now been announced.


Current schedule and Official site <<<<

They have a schedule and information site here

There is no application form, as it appears SNK has chosen 16 spots across the world.  However tournament organisers should enquire via the eSports page, as then they could be considered if there is a change or even for the next one, should there be one.

This page will be updated with community information.

There is always some upset over the choice of qualifying spots, but have a listen to this video about preparation and this one about spots to get a better idea of what’s going on.


Some players still have questions about this event, so all the information has been collected and will be updated, feel free to ask questions and check back!

The SNK World Championships are almost upon us!

They will be held in Tokyo on February 18th, 2017 (Sat.), where 16 players will come together, having won a regional or national qualifier (some of these being very big tournaments!) Some will have been invited.

Many imagined the finals would be held during another tournament such as EVO, but SNK has made a big effort to hold a dedicated event where nothing else can interfere!   All expenses are paid by SNK!

It was originally going to be a two part event with the finals in China but now it has been merged into one super event in Tokyo.

Who has qualified?

Left to right, top row first.

  1. Alioune

    Well known for his technical prowess at Guilty Gear and SFV, he probably would have won the inaugural KOFXIV tournament in France if it were not his lack of match up knowledge.  Fundamental skills and a real desire to train and win make him a dangerous contender.

  2. Cypher

    EGS Mexico: [replay] [event info]
    Pretty much unknown to the global FGC…. But match footage from other tournaments shows he shouldn’t be underestimated.

  3. DBJ.ET

    China KOF Finals: [replay] [event info]
    A fan favourite, ET has travelled the world making many friends, and winning tournaments!

  4.  Qanba.Douyu.Xiaohai

    SEAM (Singapore): [replay] [event info]
    The legendary Chinese player and multiple tournament champion, known internationally from KOF98 and playing KOF pretty much all his life!  Can anyone stop this boy now that he has grown into a man?

  5. Frionel

    Long time player, fan and supporter of KOF and SNK, he was pictured with the producer before the title was even announced.  Working behind the scenes and winning tournaments, he won the inaugural KOF14 tournament in France, proving his worth, while he is only the third best in his home country!

  6. gxbridget

    ESR Taiwan:  [replay] [event info] (personal youtube)

    2nd row

  7. Kane Blue River

    KBR was known as a KOF player before becoming EVO champion at Marvel. With the launch of KOFXIV he has been streaming and helping organise the KOF14 community in Chile.

  8. KTB.Ball HK 

    aka Bozai?  Won at TFF Hong Kong: [replay] [event info]
    Unknown! Please comment with info!

  9. MadKOF

    KOF Festival Korea: [replay] [event info]
    Another EVO champion, defeating Bala to become internationally renowned.

  10. PandaTV.Dakou

    Fairly sure is affiliated with Douyu too.  Won at Canada Cup: [replay] [event info]
    Dakou is Xiaohai’s long time rival and friend but perhaps more famous in the community as an organiser!  

  11. PandaTV.Lancer

    China/HK: [replay] [event info]
    It seems that in fact the HK qualifying candidate, Chun, is actually Ajun/Lancer, as seen in the video of the grand finals versus Bozai (aka Ball HK), and actually came 2nd, but Bozai went on to also win a qualifier in China afterwards, passing on the qualifier to him. There’s certainly more to this story!

  12. Naiwang

    China:[replay] [event info]
    Pictured here with ET, not much is known about this player. Please comment with info!

    3rd row

  13. Picnic

    Another top Japanese player, Picnic came 2nd to M’ at a recent tournament so it would seem SNK took note of this and treated it like a qualifier.  Picnic has also been seen working on KOF14 media channels…

  14. AS.Reynald

    SCR (USA):  The ever unpredictable American EVO champion with those boggling reads is a favourite to win.
    [replay] [event info] -missed his flight, could not attend

  15.  Sanwa.M’

    After winning several tournaments and receiving international invitations, this player famously said he couldn’t be bothered to get a passport!  This will be the first time the almost indisputed best of Japan gets to fight the best from the West.  We are seriously hype for this.

  16. CGN.Toshi

    Road to KOF Peru: [replay] [event info]
    Toshi was already famous for his KOF13 Kensou, and he carried this over to KOF14!  A fearsome competitor.  Trivia: Toshi is half Japanese.


Common Questions:

Why wasn’t there a qualifier in my area?  As far as can be seen, the local publisher has some hand in it, Atlus is in charge of the US regions and has supported four qualifiers, as far as can be seen.  Deep Silver is responsible for the EU region, feel free to question them. At any rate, there are no events coming up that would be in time for the World Championships so it seems now SNK will invite players to fill the roster.

Why isn’t Bala in this list? The news didn’t spread fast enough. The organisers of the event seem to be Electronic Game Mexico, and just didn’t manage to successfully connect with the fgc, in fact, the rules and information were only posted 21st Sep, nine days before the tournament on 30th Sep!  It seems quite obvious nobody had time to plan a trip there. For those that lived in the same city of course, it wasn’t a problem. At any rate, Cypher went and won.

If a qualified player wins a qualifier, what happens?  The qualified status is passed to the next player who hasn’t qualified.

Can spectators attend the event?  The event is now invite only – but if you visited from overseas, you will be allowed in.


?Event date and time:  February 18th, 2017 3PM~7:30PM (doors open at 2:30PM)

?Event location:  UDX THEATER

(4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, UDX4F)

Gifts will be given out too!




Will it be streamed?

?Live stream:  the tournament will be streamed in multiple languages via SNK’s official Twitch channel and others (see below)!

Date & Times : Please note the time for your region
  • Feb 17, 10PM (PST = US: California, Canada: Vancouver)
  • Feb 18, 6AM (GMT= UK, Morroco)
  • Feb 18, 7am (CET = France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland)
  • Feb 18, 3PM (JST = Japan)
  • Feb 18, 1AM (EST = US: New York, Peru, Canada: Toronto, Columbia: Bogota)
Available streams thx to Gatoray:





  • Chinese(??) : douyu TV (url is not confirmed)

SNK official WCS site here

More Events

There were qualifiers and tournaments full of hype and fun. Find out if there is one near you here.

And now for some KOF cosplay!

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