Oda had posted his attendance at the arcade tournament Toshinsai and M’ won the kof13 tournament there but we didn’t suspect there was more than that…

Nobuyuki was happy that he was now allowed to mention that kof14 is a launch title with Nesica Live 2.

With Nesica1 in the US, as long as it’s supported, it could be good news for the ailing arcade scene, although too late for some of Europe’s arcades, at least in Paris, with Versus Dojo having shut it doors and Arcade Street is due to close Oct 20. It’s certainly good news for Japan, Tokyo and for the FGC there, as finding a place to hold tournaments was turning out to be very expensive.

Whether the new system is a direct upgrade or a replacement and whether operators have to pay for it remains to be seen. More info will come in February at the JAEPO show.

The system will also feature online play!

Other titles include Blazblue CF !

Older titles such as Yatagarasu, Skullgirls, Rumble Fish, Arcana Hearts, KOF13, Chaos Code will still be available.

Oda was on hand to make the announcement at Toshinsai 2016, thanks to GatoRay for the clip.  Check out the announcement trailer below.


You can check out tournament footage here


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