Sunday, September 9, 2018: The first official SNKHEROINES Tournament!

There will be a 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 tournament!

There will be Japanese commentary from the team that were broadcasting the previews.

Alan from Orochinagi is the official English commentator, come join in on the chat and he can try to answer any questions you have on how the game works etc.

? Popular YouTuber’s “RaMu” and “Shun” participate in the 2v2 as guests!

There will be cosplays too!

· RaMu: YouTube channel> https://goo.gl/CBFLBm
· Shun: YouTube channel> https://goo.gl/6YKPHv

DLC Thief Arthur will be at the event for test play.

Event is free to enter with 30k yen in prizes up for grabs, including Neogeo minis and merchandise!

Solo is capped at 64 entrants

2v2 is capped at 32 teams

If player presses any sort of pause or home button, match will be restarted. If this happens a second time, match will be forfeit.

English Youtube

??? Twitch

Watch live video from SNK Official on www.twitch.tv


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