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Brave Frontier x KOF

KOF X Brave Frontier

If you play Brave Frontier then you’re in for a pleasant surprise as they have just announced a collaboration with SNK to bring in KOF characters!

I asked Zak what he thought about it:

I would have copied and pasted but I’m on the mobile so here’s a screenshot.


Here’s the copy and paste from the official forums announcement.

Brave Frontier x THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration!

Watch out for the epic clash between the worlds of Brave Frontier and THE KING OF FIGHTERS in a special collaboration event!
THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration will feature exclusive events, rewards, and recruits. Get iconic characters from the series and more starting July 15, 7:00 PST until August 12, 6:59 PST! [July 15, 8:00 PDT until August 12, 7:59 PDT]

I. THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration Community Event

Promote the Brave Frontier x THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration video! Achieve milestones to get Kyo and other amazing rewards! (July 15, 7:00 PST – August 12, 6:59 PST) [July 15, 8:00 PDT until August 12, 7:59 PDT]


The special guests Terry, Benimaru, Athena; Iori, Mai, and Kula will be waiting behind the Divine Summon Gate sometime during the Collaboration period.
– Terry and Iori can unleash their maximum potential through Omni Evolution.
– Benimaru, Athena, Mai, and Kula will be available in 6-star & 7-star forms.
– More details on the Special Summon schedules will be released in the near future.

III. THE KING OF FIGHTERS’ Collaboration Dungeon

Confront the mastermind behind the “Scarlet Abyss Tournament” – Rugal Bernstein! Prepare yourselves for a fight that rivals the hardest challenges in Grand Gaia!

Defeat Rugal in the last level to get him as a First Time Clear Reward! (July 29, 7:00 PST – August 12, 6:59 PST) [July 29, 8:00 PDT – August 12, 7:59 PDT]

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