#KOFXIV European Publisher taking shots at #SFV

The day before Stunfest, Deep Silver revealed themselves to the world as the European publisher for KOFXIV on the same date as Japan, August 26.

Deep Silver is in fact a division of Koch Media, together having published Dead Island & Saints Row, amongst others.

They also mentioned casually that the game has a FULL story mode.  While Capcom has admitted SFV lacked content and polish, with reportedly very limited resources to develop the game, it’ll be interesting to see how this comparison ends up, the real winner being hopefully the consumer of either game.

They have confirmed the Kyo skin and steel book as limited pre order bonuses.

Frionel, in charge of running the KOF14 stand at Stunfest, took one of the dev kits for a special presentation on Ken Bogard’s programme

Check out some of the highlights here

And the full video here


All this coming hot off the trailer for KOF14’s Yagami Team.

Check it out to see Mature’s fantastic Climax Move!  Watch out also for Vice’s Climax, and her advanced cancel into her new animated air grab looks just great, with a well timed diving kick straight into the opponent!


Some nice artwork tweets to celebrate the trailer.

The KOFXIV 3 day stream will start tomorrow.  Check the next post for all info!!!

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