SATURDAY : KOF13 2v2 is  2pm GMT+2 (4am PST) and will be streamed by Alan (Gunsmith)

SATURDAY : KOF13 2v2 Top 8 will start  8pm (10am PST) streamed by Stunfest

SUNDAY : KOF14 tournament starts 10am (midnight PST)

KOF14 is solo, double elim and will take place over the whole day, to allow the SFV players to compete, with lots of exhibitions inbetween.

Full Tournament Schedule is here

Main Stage Stream Schedule is here


KOFXIV – live all three days
Watch live video from frionel26 on

KOFXIII – all Saturday from early until 8pm

The chat can be accessed here

Main Stage for finals

There is also



Saturday 12p – KOFXIII Singles

Sunday 1p – King of Fighters Top 4

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