Before we get to the videos, Mr Wolf had the following to say:
“Thanks to ButtonCzech and the community for their hospitality, thanks to Semper for food and dropping combos, and thanks to Mr Karate for the win”.
Here follows a bit more in Italian and then in English.


Partecipare al Buttonczech è un esperienza davvero divertente !!! Buona birra , tanti players, ma ahimè poche donne O_o’ . Volevo iniziare ringraziando gli organizzatori per la loro ospitalità e la loro disponibilità .. Bella location, parecchie postazioni per giocare e i trofei erano bellissimi smile emoticon C’era molto hype durante i match..


Tutti seguivano con passione ed esultavano per qualsiasi azione figa, non importava che gioco fosse .. Sono rimasto impressionato dall’ atmosfera che c’era .. Oltre ai migliori players Nazionali si sono aggiunti altri un pò da tutta Europa.. Germania, Austria , Polonia , Svezia e ovviamente c’eravamo anche Io e Semper dall’Italia ..


La G.F. di KOF è stata tiratissima al dì là del risultato.. Devo fare i miei complimenti a Semper Pups che negli anni è cresciuto molto come player . Faccio anche i miei complimenti a Dracula, ( player Tedesco che si è classificato terzo per KOF XIII ) sono rimasto sorpreso dal suo potenziale ..


Ho avuto inoltre il piacere di conoscere KenDeep altro membro del nostro Orochinagi Team. Mi ha mandato in loser braket con la sua Laura a SFV , ma fortunatamente sono riuscito a rifarmi a KOF … Comunque spero di avere la possibilità di tornare il prossimo anno ! Inoltre volevo ringraziare tutti coloro che ci hanno seguito e supportato dall Italia e non ..


Un ultimo speciale ringraziamento và a Sir. Alan “Gunsmith” per la fiducia che ha riposto in me per tutto questo tempo.. E’ stata una bella esperienza . Prossima tappa Stunfest .  Io e Semper Pups cercheremo di dare il meglio come al solito !


Participating in Buttonczech was a really fun experience !!! Good beer, so many players, but unfortunately few women :))))))) Anyway, I wanted to thank the organizers for their hospitality and their availability .. Nice location, several stations to play and the trophies were beautiful.


There was much hype during the matches .. For any game .. in addition to the best national players were added some others from all over Europe .. Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden and of course we were there, Semper and I from Italy ..
The GF of KOF was hard fought so respect the results ..


I have to say congratulations to Semper Pups, who over the years has grown a lot as a player. I also congratulate Dracula, (German player who was ranked third for KOF XIII) I was surprised by his potential ..


I also had the pleasure of meeting KenDeep, another member of our team. He sent me to loser’s braket with his Laura in SFV, but fortunately I was able to pick up on KOF … Anyway I hope to have the opportunity to come back next year! I also wanted to thank all those who have followed and supported by Italy and not last ..


A special thanks goes to Sir. Alan “Gunsmith” for the trust you have placed in me all this time .. It ‘was a great experience. Next stop Stunfest. Pups and I will try to do our best as usual!”

photo by Daniele Kakkamakkara Consoli 


Kendeep reported

Prague was nice! While I played pretty horribly on ggxrd and should’ve done waaay better, the general competition was nice. Czech was surprisingly strong! Sfv competition was okay though I primarily lost to Matchups.


Kof13 was nice but it was obvious Mr Wolf was gonna take it, most players hadn’t played the game for a long time really. I guess we all are waiting for kof14 to hit the shelves. And yeah I put the pack of salt next to my Trophies lol!


In general I felt like I didn’t show my progress at all except for SFV. I feel most players play that game wrong though so it was quite achievable to get to top 8. This was the tournament where it was apparent that being a good Player doesn’t cut it and that you need Matchup experience, which is the one thing I lack the most and unfortunately can’t get so easily.


That’s why I travel to events, netplay isn’t really my thing. So instead of being bitter I’m gonna appreciate the possibility to learn with such strong players.

We have results, video and report from Mr Wolf and Kendeep!

Mr Wolf stormed through to make 1st place.  Kendeep was also there but fellow Italian stallion Semper scooped up 2nd with Dracula hitting 3rd with perhaps the best drink in the world!


ButtonCzech Results


More brackets

Replay playlist includes KOF, SFV, MK and GGXRD.


Check out the Full photo gallery here!

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