And the winner is… well let’s go in reverse for more dramatic event!

=7th Yang Ren/ AS|Reynald
=5th CafeID|Lacid / vVv|Romance
4th CafeID|Guts
3rd CafeID|Verna
2nd IGL|Bala
1st CafeID|Mad_KOF

Two words for ya: Holy crap.

I have to say, I thought his Duo Lon would do well, but I never thought he’d go that far!!!! Tremendous!!!!

Did you hear the chants for KOF at the end? Awesome!!!!! EVO’s KOF was everything we could have hoped for. Surely KOF can only grow from this point.

Congrats are due to everyone who took part and made this the best EVO ever: the players, the fans, the commentators, the stream monsters… AND YOU.

Viewing Figures for #evo2k: (Thx Mystery G and MacVillain)

  • UMVC3 95k
  • KOF13 90K
  • SF4 77k
  • MK 66K
  • SFxTK 48k
  • SC5 46k
  • VF5 46K

In other words: KOF IS HERE TO STAY 😀

Now let’s check out those finals!!!

(videos removed due to copyright violation – you need to go check out twitch.tv/srkevo1 and go through the video archive)

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