360 2k2um early release! + roundup (2k2 Differences)

Thx Exodus, apparently it’s out right now, just go to arcade and look under “k”.? He’s playing it now.? I don’t have a 360 so I can’t confirm.? So now we just wait for netcode reports….


Let the next chapter begin!

Just thought i’ll edit the roundup with KOF2k2-2k2UM differences:

1. Match timer extended.
2. Stamina increased.3. Guard crush gauge added.
4. All characters’ guard crush recovery speeds have been normalized (as in the refill rate of the gauge, not the time vulnerable after a guard crush)
5. All characters’ rolling abilities have been normalized.
6. All characters’ jump startups have been normalized.
7. (?) Direction input for diagonal command moves recognized on frame 1 now (?)**
8. Random damage is eliminated.
9. Unthrowable time is reduced.
10. Against a normal throw, pressing a non-strong attack button makes escape impossible.
11. Normal throw damage reduced.
12. (?) Repeated standing/crouching commands changed to maintain state. (?)
(Probably means “maintain a normal state” or “get locked into high or low guard if you attempt to alternate guard”, not “maintain an unthrowable state”.)
**Alternate Guard still in**
13. All characters’ Guard Cancel CD attacks now have normalized hit and recovery frames.
14. All characters’ Guard Cancel CD attacks now have increased priority.
15. Guard Cancel rolls have increased speed and range.
16. Anti-airs can be counter-hit on recovery.
17. First-hit knockback on anti-airs removed.
18. Anti-airs juggle for full hits.
19. Command throws can be counter-hit out of the whiff animation.
20. MAX DMs (SDMs) can be used outside of MAX mode for 3 stocks (4 stocks for MAX Super Cancel).
21. With lifebar red, MAX2s can be used outside of MAX mode for 3 stocks, or for 1 stock in MAX mode.
22. Visual indication added to lifebar when MAX2 (HSDM) is enabled.
23. In MAX mode, all DMs can be canceled into freely. (“All” probably includes MAX DMs/MAX2s.)
24. All characters’ MAX activation/recovery times have been normalized. Now equal to Neo-Geo version ’02 Kim (who had the quickest animation at 21 frames).
25. In MAX mode, charge moves work without charging if input on hit or block (ex. charge b, f+attack becomes b, f+attack in MAX mode).
26. Combo damage after a Quick MAX activation is reduced, excluding DMs. If a new combo is started while still in MAX mode, damage returns to normal. (Presumably normal for MAX mode, not full damage.)
27. After using a MAX2, another MAX2 cannot be used for a fixed period of time.
28. No throw escapes out of special movement. (Command dashes, teleports, etc.)
29. No throw escapes out of special counters.

Original Source:

**#7 It either means hitting a diagonal + a button to get a command normal
where you only hit the diagonal for 1 frame will now result in the command move
instead of a standing move, or…
In older kofs let’s say you do a fireball motion quickly with d, d/f, f+P.
Regardless of how long you hit d or f for, if you only stay on d/f for 1 frame,
the move will not come out. You have to stay on d/f for at least 2 frames.
This is why kof motions seem unnecessarily difficult for many people.


The game modes of the XBLA version:

The Xbox LIVE Arcade version of ?THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH? is faithful to the arcade original version about matchups, characters? balance and 2D stages, while game modes and the number of playable characters follow the PlayStation 2 version.

KOF 2002 UM in Xbox LIVE Arcade features the following game modes:

-Team Play/2P VS/CPU VS: the classical ?3 on 3? versus battle mode

-Single Play/2P VS/CPU VS: based on a ?round system?, recommended for the players who want to improve with a character

-Endless: choose a character and fight all characters of the game in a row until you life gauge ends

-Challenge: a progressive tutorial mode for all players. Finish all the 50 challenges and a ?New Challenger? will join the cast!! Show your skills!!

-Practice: a complete training mode to improve your favorite characters? fighting techniques and create original combos.

– Xbox LIVE: challenge fighters worldwide to become ?The King of Fighters!!?

-Leaderboards: see the world rankings at KOF 2002 UM XBLA.

-Achievements: view game?s achievements

-Gallery: admire all the illustrations of this game

-Game Option: settle game options, change your character?s colors, check your ranking, save and load data.


Music Info, as presented by SNK Playmore’s official Facebook:

The BGM in “THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH” is comprised of all new music. This includes remixes of classic BGM and newly composed tracks and each team / each boss character have their own unique BGM.

Remixes include the following:
“KD-0079+” : K’ team BGM (KOF’99)
“Cutting Edge” : Krizalid BGM (KOF’99…)
“Re:Bloody” : Orochi team BGM (KOF’97)
“DESERT REQUIEM ~Operation 02UM~” : IKARI team BGM (KOF’95)

Other stuff:

Updated Benimaru Guide Thread

Best Button Layout Discussion begins

ON Youtube Channel updated with Samurai Showdown 2 Matches, AOF3 combos, NGBC Combos, KOF MIRA combos and matches, SVC Combos, and KOF Effect Combo videos (as the site disappeared).

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