King of Fighters XIII CMV – Takuma Sakazaki : Master Edition

It has been awhile since my last release as “real life” happened, but I recently completed Takuma Sakazaki : Master Edition for your enjoyment. I made at least 50 combos for him but only settled for about half of them. Was fun making the video and felt really satisfying getting…

KoF XIII CMV – Mature : Ruthless Edition

For my latest vid, it feature the ruthless Mature! I had fun making combos for her as it taught me a few things about her that I didn’t know, especially about getting more damage. [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!

KoF XIII CMV – EX Kyo Kusanagi : Nests Edition

For my new CMV, it features the rekka crazed EX Kyo! I was surprised with how much dexterity and timing was needed for some of his combo, and it became more apparent the more I worked on him. Expect lots of Neomax usage! [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!

KoF XIII CMV – EX Iori Yagami : Instinct Edition

Dat rekka cancel!! [youtube][/youtube] An interesting glitch that leads to fun outcomes. Enjoy!