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VOTE NOW Top 10 favourite female KOF characters

   FGC News,polls   March 24, 2019  No Comments

You can vote for your favourite top 10 Desktop form and below is mobile form Top 10 Favourite KOF Female Characters Mai Angel Yuri Lien Leona King Blue Mary Vanessa Elizabeth Shermie B Jenet Vice Mature Luise Hinako Kasumi Todoh Sylvie May Lee Kula Malin Chizuru Fio Najd Xiao Lon…

KOF Players Poll Feb-Mar 2018

   polls ,,   February 10, 2018  No Comments
KOFXIV Players Feb-Mar 2018 I am excited for KOFXIV 3.0 (11%, 46 Votes) I am interested in SNKHeroines (9%, 37 Votes) I want to a XIV side tournament at EVO2018 (9%, 36 Votes) I'm a casual player (9%, 35 Votes) I want more DLC for XIV after April (8%, 33...

KOF DLC poll survey

   polls ,,,   February 10, 2018  No Comments

Thoughts Putting up a poll asking people if they would pay for a DLC or rather have it for free is silly, in my opinion, because only a minority will pay for something when they could have it for free.  So this poll was more about finding out if they…

UPDATED! KOF 98 RELEASED on PSN – results of Poll

   polls   February 10, 2018  No Comments

Update: While Hamster released KOF98 Arcade in Asian PSN markets, it didn’t appear in the west, until March 20th, where the Ultimate Match appeared on PS4 on PSN.  There is no online, this is the PS2 port, which one person argued has better graphics than the Final Edition version (?!?)…

KOF DLC Characters Poll

Which character DLC do you want? (pick 3) Shermie, Chris, Yashiro (9%, 596 Votes) Heavy D, Brian Battler, Lucky (6%, 397 Votes) Blue Mary (6%, 390 Votes) Rock Howard (6%, 384 Votes) Shingo Yabuki (5%, 357 Votes) Vanessa (5%, 356 Votes) Rugal (5%, 351 Votes) Adel Bernstein (5%, 348 Votes)...

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