The King of Sticks 2012

It’s not over.  It’s so not over.  With the imminent release of KOF XIII, and a few newcomers to the stick arena, we’re going to revisit this hot topic yet again.  Have you played on a new stick recently that you like?  Nominate it here – we’ll get some reviews going and compare, have a …

King of Fighters XII [UK] Season 2 Ranking Battle 1 – Results

So begins a new season here in the UK, held in Casino Arcade on the 24th October, the first Ranking Battle of the season took place. The turnout was a little dissapointing with some regulars unable to make it, but on the bright side we had a few new faces joining in and just because …

SVB 2009: Day 2… and THAT money match

SVB has claimed all my footage for the upcoming DVD… so… depending on what they use, that may well be it for now. [youtube][/youtube] And now for a little experiment.? Wanna add your own annotations to this video?? Click here (requires a youtube account)!!

Tim119 vs Robocop2 (Finals, 2nd match)

[youtube][/youtube] Commentary?by Gunsmith, Bullet Proof and Dobiqwolf. More videos to come, when I take a rest from playing with my stick. re: THAT money match Yes I did film it, you can see me in the photos lol Hi guys.? I CAN’T POST ON NEOEMPIRE BECAUSE I NEVER GOT THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL- I’VE REGISTERED …

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