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Steam Sale!

Hey guys, I’m pleased to report the Steam Autumn Sale has now started!!!! It’s a previous Sale that got me started on Steam in the first place, so definitely a good time for anyone new to join Steam! (it’s the PC version of PSN/XboxLive) Most of these deals expire on…

Prizes for 360GamingUK TTT2 Major!! (and online signup reminder) – Sat 17th Aug 2013

Along with our Support from Namco Bandai and only a few days to go, we are pleased to announce the top 4 prizes for the upcoming 360GamingUK Tekken Tag 2 Major!!!! The breakdown is as follows: 1st – £300 cash (+ unlimited bragging rights!) 2nd – £125 cash + Official…

360GamingUK TTT2 RB6 Results + Vids (End of Season 1) – London, UK

Ok we are finally at the end of the first season of 360Gaming’s Tekken Tag 2 Ranking Battle! It was a long hard fought war between veterans and up-and-comers alike, but with the battlefield littered with many bodies, we finally have a body count and final result at the end…

Namco Bandai are now supporting the 360GamingUK Major! (Sat 17th Aug 2013, London UK)

360GamingUK are proud to announce that Namco Bandai Games are now supporting their Tekken Major this month!! They have also shipped them the above goodies, which we’ll be distributing as prizes to some lucky winners! Great to see Namco Bandai Games on board supporting their players!!! 360GamingUK like to extend…

FT10 sets in São Paulo, Brazil

Four hours of brazillian KOF

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