Madkof vs Xiaohai Yacheng Grand Finals #kof13

   kof ,,   January 19, 2015  8 Comments

Here are some replays from this weekend’s tournament in China. Thanks to GatoRay! It’s pretty amazing to see players have actually moved on from old skool KOF into the new age, no doubt due to Xiaohai and Dakou’s efforts. This is happening all over the world. Maybe too late? Well,…

Red Fight District #RFD #KOF Finals

Winners Finals feat MD.Luffy and CDV.Will2Pac Losers finals feat MD.Luffy and Mtk.Salim followed by Grand Finals with that gut clenching finish!!! More matches feat Shadow Queute More from the bracket at the channel! (+ more coming soon I hope!)

ON.Tennkawa P vs Fox FT10

Here are some matches from the fued! Streamed by our friends at Versus Gamespot Some bits of the FT10 that was on Nico – if you have a premium account you can watch the whole replay in HD   Grand Finals with commentary in English :3

TGA Finals #KOF2002um

Spoilers immediately! Unfortunately, the player names were reversed on stream. Cap came 2nd. Congrats to Xiaohai! And frankly I’m shocked that MadKOF even came top 8. Well, he was invited to a invite-only tournament but still. lol. Here are the grand finals!!! Remember, it’s CAP on the right. What a…


Presented by FReezer   People! If you live in Morocco and want to level up, contact FReeZer through facebook   Starting on the 13 April it will be bi-weekly!  There will be a double elimation tournament and FT5 challenges. Semi and Grand Finals will be uploaded to youtube! It starts…