Xiaohai vs Wawa – Battle of the Little Boys! #Admonition #KOF #GLCWC

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Xiaohai vs Wawa – Battle of the Little Boys! #Admonition #KOF #GLCWC

XiaoHai vs Wawa at Cannes Winter Clash

If you didn’t know, Xiaohai means little boy, and he was given this name as he started playing KOF at the age of 6.
Wawa also started rather young but well, neither of them are little boys anymore! Let’s see how it went down at Cannes

Thanks to MTK.Youssef for the video!!!

ON Tournament 7 Mar 2015

We had a tournament to help with the fundraising, here you can catch the replay with timestamps, and check that lovely 720HD 60 fps on YOUTUBE!

Live with Alan aka ‘The Gunsmith’!

Tournaments and special challenges eg: Maximum Maxima FT3 and more!

Watch out Jerome’s Ash, Prisca’s Leona, DBMAM’s Maxima, Hombre’s Takuma, Bash’s Claw Iori, Tahar’s Karate and General’s Flame Iori. Ouch!

00:00 Prisca vs Jerome FT3
09:57 Dontbemadatme vs Jerome FT3
28:30 Hombre vs Jerome Ft3
46:50 Gunsmith vs Dontbemadatme Maxima Challenge
Tournament Starts
54:40 Bash vs Jerome
1:11:12 Dontbemadatme vs Bash
1.19:32 Prisca vs Jerome
1:34:00 Hombre vs Tahar
1:44:40 Gunsmith vs General
1:52:00 Jerome vs Tahar
2:03:13 Bash vs General
2:11:40 Bash vs Tahar
2:24:00 Prisca vs Hombre
2:33:07 Gunsmith vs Dontbemadatme
2:44:20 Dontbemadatme vs Jerome
2:57:43 General vs Hombre
3:05:56 General vs Dontbemadatme
3:13:00 General vs Tahar
3:28:20 GRAND FINAL General vs ON.Bash

Grudgematches until the end!
3:35:54 General vs Jerome

If you liked the show please please help our player get to Korea! Make a donation!

[donation-can goal_id=’get-freezer-to-korea-igt2015′ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]


Yes, it’s that time again. The community has pitched together to send Frionel, Salim, Fox, Khannibalito and Tom Sawyer to tournaments all over the world. This time, we would like to send Freezer to IGT.

This week we had 3 full days of streaming to support!!!

Freezer works as a teacher in Morocco. It is not a rich country. He had saved money and was going to visit Cannes Winter Clash to prove his skill; show the world he had worked really hard, however, his application was denied. It is actually quite difficult for Moroccans to travel within Europe. However, Korea is one of the places he can travel without application! He really really would like to go finally meet some foreign players and be a part of a grand tournament!

Check out his skills here (he’s on P1 side)

Orochinagi of course will be helping out, with more steam code prizes for our donators, through lottery at the end!

The following PC STEAM games are up for grabs!

  • Thief – The Master edition
  • Metal Slug X
  • Murdered Soul Suspect
  • Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
  • Deus Ex – The Fall
  • Nosgoth Founders – Warlord Pack

[donation-can goal_id=’get-freezer-to-korea-igt2015′ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]

Admonition II


Warning from ON.Vicio!

Allright crew! Stuff is happening! Here’s a few things that are happening in the near future and the current situation in our community:
1. Lonestar Admonition II. Without your continued support, this wouldn’t even be possible. Luis Cha and Misterio are confirmed for the event so we need to train up in order to show them a good time so that in future events (KoF XIV), they actually initiate the talks into coming for our event. I really need as many members of the TKC to show up and support! This is your event!
2. We’re kicking off the DreamCancel cup.

Go HERE and get more info!




Hypespotting | Admonition II | Colleseum FGT | Road to Colombia | Id Global Tournament |

KOF2002UM on Steam!

is now OUT!

  • The same devs who developed the awesome netcode for KOF98FE, Code Mystics, are on the job!
  • 66 characters in all
  • New and old moves return!
  • MAX2 Moves with super detail!
  • Redone background music and win potraits!
  • Based on NESICA LIVE version with Tougeki changes!

Visit the steam page here:

Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon join METAL SLUG DEFENSE!!!

19 million downloads and going strong!


It’s like having a whole load of NESTS clones at your disposal hohohoho

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MAR 2015



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