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ON | Mixup Results #Yatagarasu

Well I can’t believe it :p


People were hype for YG. Crashman learnt the game in a few games!!! We will be running this again.




Pre-Registration Lottery

We had many lottery winners, but as they had left early, their prize was passed to another!

1. P4A Puzzle – Gab
2. P4A (PS3) – Shinkawa
3. Badge – Comisr
4. Badge – Crashman
5. Badge – Crashman
6. Sac (Saved)
7. Vinyle (Saved)
8. Bear Keyring (Crashman)



Thanks to Rice Digital & Hotapen for their support via in-game advertising and prizes!


Next event

Look forward to a TEAM BATTLE! TBA!

Confirmed! Cross Fighter – JULY 16: PERSONA 4 ARENA & More!

Parisiens! S’il vous plaît voter sur le sondage pour Persona 4 Arena ici

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