Movie director to work on MOW2?

As fans here know very well, Masami Obari worked on the Fatal Fury Motion Picture and it was a dream come true for Yasuyuki Oda to have him collaborate on the

Street Fighter Carnival 6 from Mikado featuring old skool and unknown games

So if you didn’t know, SFC is Mikado’s event, featuring all kinds of fighting games. From this selection uploaded recently we have Fighters History, Giant Gram 2000, Fatal Fury 2, Double Dragon and … nope, I have no idea. Do you? Enjoy!

Real Bout 1 matches from Japan.

Nico user OB and great RB1 player “Ukyo” long created a youtube channel to share his experiences. He is a very proficient member of the proficient and Fatal Fury dedicated “I’m not boy” community [ ] . In other words if you are a fan of SNK , a…

Fatal Fury 2 Laserdisc

Retro Realities didn’t waste any time.  The nostalgia, coupled with some tips and tricks that you might not have seen, all packed neatly into one hour on youtube.  I especially like watching the player get cocky with their pattern-abusing-perfect, only to get hit out of nowhere by the CPU.  This…