Movie director to work on MOW2?

As fans here know very well, Masami Obari worked on the Fatal Fury Motion Picture and it was a dream come true for Yasuyuki Oda to have him collaborate on the

animated short for KOFXV.  Job done, or perhaps not quite…

Seemingly out of nowhere Obari posted a tweet calling for the dawn of the legend (?) in 2023. This seems a pretty innocent statement, however there are a few things to consider:

1. Oda is a big fan, and we already heard that many original Fatal Fury devs are coming back to work on the new title. If this is his dream project, then having Obari will make up his dream team.

2. Obari seems to have enjoyed working with SNK, he still has KOF15 pinned to the top of his twitter

3. 2023 will mark the 29th anniversary of Fatal Fury 2 the motion picture. It’s a bit of a strange number to celebrate. It seems more like putting Fatal Fury back into the trend, and on the back of that, Obari’s name and fans, to draw them towards the launch of mow2.

Or maybe it’s just nothing and the two had a nice drink together to talk about Gundam and animation.

Maybeeeee… Let us know your thoughts!

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