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#?????KOF K' pic.twitter.com/OcpkEVnegd — ???? (@clutch2130) November 9, 2017

(update 3) #KOFXIV 36 Build Footage + Clark

Yuri explodes-chi Updated with more videos!!!  And a bit of info from Professor! Here’s my video report on the KOFXIV clips from Akihabara today and tweets from the players and fans present.  Presented with a wall of text, I forgot to mention how Kantoku / Keykakko (aka Director) is interested…

KoF XIII CMV – K’ : Prime Edition

Another day, another combo, and my latest entry is for K’. Expect lots of iAir qcb+B and DM’s in this 9 minute CMV. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zN7RymxAvY[/youtube] Are people still having problems with iAir qcb+B at all? Enjoy!