(update 3) #KOFXIV 36 Build Footage + Clark

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(update 3) #KOFXIV 36 Build Footage + Clark

Yuri explodes-chi

Updated with more videos!!!  And a bit of info from Professor!

Here’s my video report on the KOFXIV clips from Akihabara today and tweets from the players and fans present.  Presented with a wall of text, I forgot to mention how Kantoku / Keykakko (aka Director) is interested in Nelson, MOA has yet to try it, Myu wasn’t happy with the 3 hour wait and playing conditions, Maccoy likes Andy & Hein.  Oh and here’s a closer look at the microfibre cloths, before you check out the videos.  The first presentation was a huge success in terms of attendance with a huge 100+ queue of people waiting to try and play the game.

Now enjoy more videos of today’s footage!  Hein is proving popular, and we’re waiting to see what Haregoro has to say about Joe.

Addendum from Professor of MMCAFE

  • According to Yuri specialist 2K, she can’t crossup with dive kicks
  • Yuri’s imitates Dan’s super from SF4, you just can’t see it because if knocking out last opponent, the screen fades out.
  • Chin doesn’t have his stance!



Make Clark great again

Looking at reports and recent footage, here are some suggestions by Fusso in video form.  Do you agree?  My opinion is underneath…


Instinctively I would say yes but at the same time, it’s too early.  You could argue that Dino and Maxima share the spotlight for using guard point attacks and Clark is a “pure” grappler, his dash is still fast and his pokes seem solid. His stand A is nice and fast as it should be.  His air grab is still able to connect just frames off the ground.  However he can’t cancel CD into dash, he can’t cancel cr D into dash, plus the other points raised by Fusso, which leaves us with 99 Clark (which is not a completely bad thing) with a delayed hcf B grab with longer range.

Yes, that’s right, KOF 14 Clark’s hcf B has longer range but more frames to activate.  This range hasn’t been tested but in my opinion needs to be significant AND part of a good setup where the opponent can be confused, otherwise it’s as useless as the KOFXIII hcf B is- against someone with good reflexes.  KOF13 hcf B was, at top level play, used as a counter against an autopilot combo or to interrupt a string.  Anything else would end up with Clark on the receiving end of a full jump combo.

What really worries me is his combos.  Unless the grabs do huge damage, it’s not like he can advanced cancel into anything, unless in fact he can cancel argentine into running three, which would be silly but I wouldn’t say no!  Also, as you know from my tweets, I tried to get gatling to combo into something else than jump D, and could only get EX grab into vulcan in the corner.  As for the Climax, I was unable to find which super I can climax cancel but surely there is one.  If this is the final build Clark, I would just hang up my hat, but I’m sure there’s more to discover, and that’s what makes it interesting.

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