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TEAM Mexico


Last update: Upkicks Loops Extended with dashes

Summary: If you don’t know the mixups / have fast reactions, you’re dead

Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools: the UC system

Guide video:


Misc: Angel borrows a few moves from wrestling star The Rock: look out for her max mode activation and elbow drop.




LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : Chain, cancel, same range as crouch LK
  • Stand : Ch, Ca
  • Far : Stops hops
  • Hop : ok
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand : does not hit low
  • Far : doesn’t hit crouchers
  • Hop : can crossup
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : ch, super cn, juggle
  • Stand : not much range but fast
  • Far : standard
  • Hop : can’t hit from front – is used to crossup
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far : too slow
  • Hop : Good angle for attack
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: ok
  • Air: good

Command Normals

dfLK “Middle Spin

  • Used for combos


(air)dwnLK “Heavy Knee”

  • Used for deeper jump ins



?hcfK “Red Sky[EX]

  • Teleport
  • EX is not invincible!


RDPK “Mad Murder[EX]

  • Teleporting Grab
  • EX has startup invincibility


The UC System

Make sure you understand this system first!

There are 3 stages, each with a set of moves. Simply put, Angel must use one from each to complete a sequence of attacks.

Unchain: 1.Start > 2.Circle > 3.Finish

When you get comfortable then you can examine how stage 2 contains loops (hence the name “circle”)…

Stage 1: Unchain Start

  • df+ LK “Low
  • df HK “Heel
  • bk fwd K “Tornado
  • QCB P “Blow” -EX
  • HCFK  “Step” -EX


Stage 2: Unchain Circle

  • up- P “Upper
  • fwd K  “Sobat
  •  dwn P “Under Blow
  • up-K “High
  • fwd P  “Hammer Blow


(End) Special Unchain Circle

These will interrupt the sequence, just really to dodge, and then you can finish!

  • LP+LK “Feint
  • fwd LP+LK “Feint” (Forward)
  • bkLP+LK “Feint” (Backward)


Stage 3: Finish

  • fwdx2 LP • Lariat
  • fwdx2 HP • Straight
  • fwdx2 K • Rolling
  • qcfLP  • Neck Cutter
  • qcfHP • Grapple Kick.


Here is a move flowchart to help you navigate your options!


Supers & Climax

bkDPK “Blue Monday Counter [Max]

  • A counter!
  • Counters crouching hits too!

bkDPP “Real Rave

  • Rush attack super
  • Runs half screen



hcfx2 KK “Ascension Time” Climax

  • At half screen will hit crouchers and not actually complete

Best Combos


Upkick Loops by Olaf

Extended with dashes



Crossup midscreen


Angel’s mixup as one (after 66c, you can do cmd dash and it retains you reversed commands, if you do back dash towards corner, Angel backdash over opponent’s corpse):

Her cmd dash can be canceled into 2p into another dash, if done right, it’s unmashable and unjumpable:

Angel corner 50/50 with chains after reset:

Meterless unblockable setup:

Angel feint dodges moves:

Double teleport mixup:

j.C vacuums a lot, which you can do fuzzy backdash j.2d to catch off guard people on corner. also unmashable:

Angel benefits most when she’s either 2nd slot or Anchor:

Antiair max mode allows you do teleport mixup:

Guard Crush 1000  (can be interrupted by reversals or counters)


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