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Version History

1.04 added block stun video. 1.03-split the page up for easier access.?Notes?on unlocking gallery and beating the game with one character.?1.02- added custom soundtrack for ps3, unlocking gallery info, time trial tactics and trophy list.? 1.01 – Trophy List added to Console Notes


CHARACTER GUIDES ———————————————————-

Under construction – please visit the forums for more info

  • Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson

You should also check the Ash Crimson thread at the forums here.

v1.08 (defence flowchart tweaked / lag tactics / b-f C note / qcf x2 K note/ ash vs ash note) v1.07 (rethinking defence tactics) v1.06 (another combo) 1.05 (ABCD flick trick and combos sorted into easy med hard levels) v1.04 (air attacks updated, d-u B priority note)

Ash takes a bit of getting used to but is quite a formidable character.? Most play him defensively but if your opponent isn’t that fast you can get right in and start playing mind games.


f = Forward

b = Back

d = Down

j = Jump

h = Hop

c = Crouch / Low


P = A or C

K = B or D

qc = quarter circle i.e. swivelling the control by 90 degrees either f or b

hc= half circle 180 degrees

Remember that button presses are in CAPITALS and movements are in lower case, so if you see “db D” that means Down-Back + D


A = White Hair, Red and White Clothes

B = Salmon Pink Hair, Blue and White Clothes

C = Pink Hair, Red and Pink Clothes

D = Ginger Hair, Green Clothes



Ash will mostly be using c B, b B/D and c D.? He relies more on his specials.

A – His little slap can be useful for maintaining your position without walking back (just hit it repeatedly while charging) Also good for defending against rushdown when you’re pinned in the corner.

c A – Ash’s crouch A is quick and easy to spam but note inflicts 25 damage while c B does 30… note that c A needs a tiny pause to cancel into d-u K but instantly cancels into b f A.

c B – Much longer than most other characters, his poke tool.? However, it doesn’t cancel, you need to chain it to c A to cancel into any special moves.? Can catch landing opponents.

b B /D – looks like an overhead but isn’t :(, which allows you to charge his Ventoise fireballs. B goes forward while D goes back.?? Whenever you do any of his spinning kicks, especially b D, you should then be charging his b f P, but you should then move the lever to db so you can charge his d-u K too.

What’s really good about these moves is that once they come out and hit on counter, you have plenty of time to run in and c Bx2, c A, d~u B or D, CD, qcfx2 K

c C – this move is weird.? It seems to have a very low hit box so when it hits as anti air, it actually hits them as they land, thus combo-able.? Needs more testing.? It’s a bit slow but can be comboed into CD, d~u K

C – seems quite solid and could be used as anti-air, but needs more testing.? His CC starter.

c D – his sweep.? Cancel into b f A for pressure if close.

j B – this is quick and has good range. I use by vertically hopping in front of cornered opponents before going into the usual pinning strat.

j A – probably his best jump in attack for mind games as it hits fairly deep.? Do it early with a hyper hop to hit those online with input lag.

j C – this is good for air to air but also good for jump ins because Ash looks like he’s about to hit the ground, which can fool the opponent into thinking your going to empty hop.

j D – nice jump kick but if timed too late will whiff.? This could be to your advantage if your quick enough, so it’s virtually an empty hop in…


b f P – The A version is quicker but the C version is like 2-in-1, as the green mist that forms can hit jumpers and nullify opponents’ fireballs before Ash sends his own.? Mix up use between A and C, making sure there’s no space to jump over.? Note when using C version, while he’s conjuring up the flames, Ash can be hit.

d-u K – Good old anti air.? One second charge.? Note that you can inflict 140 damage if you connect c Bx2, c A, d u B (less if you use D version!) as the move fully hits the opponent, something to bear in mind when using his d-u K… Also note the D version goes forward quite a bit so beware of using this as it may well go under the opponent as they jump.? As you’re sitting, there may be occasions when the opponent aims for your head but flies over, wait a little and you can d-u from behind.? Note that I’ve seen the B version knocked out by Clark’s sweep, which means it’s not invincible.? Confirmed: B version not invincible at all (Need to try D version), you can’t use this as a wake up anti air.? I would recommend either blocking or attempting c B instead.


qcf x2 Kgood for combos and anti air.? Note, Benimaru beat it with his j D, which means either he has high priority j D (quite likely) or Ash’s DM has poor priority – this needs testing.

qcf x2 P – don’t use!? Ash can swept out of this, and the ball can be rolled past.? Far too slow.

A,B,C,D – this DM can be used as a counter, but really is best for CC combos.? If you’re having trouble executing, try rolling your fingers over the buttons like a piano, or run your forefinger’s nail against the A button and flick it across A B C and D real quick.? God help you if you’re using a pad.


His staple combo is c B, c A x2, d-u B? – note there must be a tiny pause after the c A.

A far safer combo is c B, c A, b f A which you can follow up with few pressure options.


c B, c A, d-u B [117]

c Bx2, c A, d-u B [140]

j D, c B, c A, d-u B [178]

c B, c A, qcfx2 K

corner: j D, c Bx2, c A, d-u B [201]

C, CD, qcf x2 K

j D, c C, CD, d-u B [230]

Obviously, you can charge down as soon as you’re in the air and do the CD while you are still crouching, but the timing is hard to practice: the j D –> c C is instant, but there’s a tiny pause before you can hit the CD, and another before you hit the d-u B.? The great thing about this combo is you can do it mid screen so use it to punish fireballers.

CC: qcfx2 K [430]


CC: (corner) C, b-f C, C, CD, b-f C, d-u D [369] (D takes more than B this time, and the C makes more damage)

CC: (corner) C, b-f C, c C, CD, qcfx2 K [415]

CC: (corner) C, b-f C, C, CD, b-f C, qcfx2 K [408-459] (deeper the DM the more hits)

CC: (corner) b-f C, d-u B, A,B,C,D, d-u D [423] (yes, without the c C to start, it takes MORE)

CC: (corner) b-f C, b-f C, A,B,C,D, d-u D [458] (455 if you add C)

j D, c C, CD, qcfx2 B [305-379] – The only difficulty is the timing between the j D and c C!

(corner) c C -> CD -> b,f+C -> qcfx2+K/(ABCD -> d,u+D)… (qcfx2+K does more damage).

j D, c B, c A, b f A, c A, d-u D / B [D=236] [B=243]

j. C -> d. B -> d+A -> b, f+A -> d. A -> qcf x2+K


(corner) j D -> c A -> b,f+A -> c B -> c A -> b,f+A -> qcfx2+K

(corner) CC -> b-f C, C, b-f A, C, CD, qcfx2 K [480-507] [471-502 if you start with C)

The timing is tough to control if you don’t have the nerve.? There is a slight delay after standing C before you can cancel into b-f A (or b-f C).

From KOF Union’s Combo video—-

Jump D -> C -> b+B -> A,B,C,D -> d,u+D [379]

CC -> b,f+A -> CD -> qcb+B -> b,f+A (ends CC) -> forward run CD -> A,B,C,D -> b,f+C -> d,u+D ? Works anywhere. But for the forward run CD you may be hitting the opponent at the wrong time, so you should do d,u+D directly instead.

Corner: CC -> b,f+A -> C -> A,B,C,D -> b+D -> CD (ends CC) -> qcb+A -> b,f+C -> d,u+D ? Corner combo. Theoretically a CD can be done after the qcb+A but it couldn?t come out. Perhaps it can with simple motion, and a loop of CD->b,f+A could be done that way.

b,f+A -> forward jump D -> C -> b,f+A -> C -> CD -> b,f+A ->qcfx2+D ? Aside from the b,f+A at the start what happens after that forms a solid combo. CD -> b,f+C is too far away to connect, and for qcfx2+D it?s better to hit the opponent at a lower point for more hits.

PRESSURE —————————————–


If they get hit by b-f C in the air and recovery roll, do b-f A to hit them.? If they don’t, b-f C or rush in.? Should an opponent jump over, and you don’t have the charge for d-u K, remain calm and try to use c B, which if connected, can then be comboed.

Recovery rolling opponents are a bit of a hassle for Ash, as you’re eventually left with the choice of whether to throw a fireball or not.? However, in the corner is no problem as you can hit them out of it.

Defence Flowchart

  1. (1) b-f P* —> 2 / 3 / 4
  2. (2) They get hit in air: if they recovery roll —> 4 /5.? If they don’t—> 1 / 5
  3. (3) They block —> 1 / 4 / 5
  4. (4) Wait and prepare Anti Air: d-u K / C / A / c C
  5. (5) b B to move closer or simply walk and D, b D / b B/ c B to poke till you’re ready for 1 /4

*b-f C can be rolled past, b-f A can be jumped over.? If they predict which one you are going to use, you’re dead, so be unpredictable!


Once you’ve knocked over the opponent you should rush forward and pressure.? Unfortunately as he doesn’t have an overhead, he can’t really do much but tick damage and hope they jump into a d-u K.? Occasionally you can fool them into getting hit with his Stand D or B as they hit low.? Here are your main options:

  • D —> b B —> poke with c B…
  • D —> b D —> b f C / f C
  • b B —> poke with c B
  • b B —> b-f C
  • c A —> A —> b-f A –> c D —> b-f A
  • c B —> c D —> b-f P
  • Any of the above but without b-f P and just WAIT, ready for d-u K.
  • j A / empty hop –> c B —> c A whatever / THROW
  • Block a counter

I recommend not using b-f A when poking, unless you’re sure it’s going to hit, because it can be jumped over.? b-f C is slower but protects you from jumpers, although it’s actually vulnerable at the very start, but once it’s released, even if they roll you’re free to hit them (edit: needs further testing).

Ash’s new (stolen orochi) powers have given him Orochi Shermie’s kisses, which can annoy opponents at various ranges.? qcb A/B/C/D from close to far- the guess is up to you- use A when you anticpate jumpers and otherwise where you think the opponent will move to next.? Otherwise, qcb X (to where they are) and run forward to apply pressure with his b B / c D.? The best part is knocking the opponent over and then aiming the kiss to hit behind them as they get up – you can then run in and combo.? This is lethal when timed correctly – the opponent has to decide whether to block the kiss or you in front!!!

When you’re feeling like applying direct pressure mixup empty hops with his low B combos.


qcf A, qcf B = A, qcfx2 B


Don’t forget that you can hold down while charging CD, so you can do (corner) fully charged CD, CD–> d-u B /qcfx2 B connects


As with any game that suffers from lag input, rushdown is the key to success.? Hop and immediately press D, poke with c B, and repeat till you can squeeze in a combo.? When they start blocking, start throwing.


A good tactic I’ve witnessed first hand is that when one Ash has knocked over the other and then sets up b-f C, the other Ash simply executes d-u D, which knocks out the b-f C (before the fireball has come out).

Because d-u K doesn’t have invincible start up, Ash can do b-f A as the other Ash gets up, and then hyper j D, which should hit just after the b-f A.? If Ash doesn’t know about the invicibility issue, he’ll try d-u K, and thus get nailed (sigh).

ACTION: Let’s have a look at some Ash gameplay. You’ll see a fairly aggressive Ash with quite brave use of jump C as pressure against Raiden and by the end, as I said, too much fireballing leads to being jumped over.


Jump D -> C -> b+B -> A,B,C,D -> d,u+D

Jump D -> C -> b+B -> A,B,C,D -> d,u+D

  • Robert Garcia

Robert’s a mixed bag so far.? He’s got good combos but not so good pokes, people are picking him to try and do Ryu style tactics.? Great for lag, not so great against Iori.? However, as he has a command throw (hcf D) you can mix up a bit!

Cross up BD –> C —> Fwd B –> Fwd A—> HCF D / QCFHCB C

C –> CD —> QCF HCB C

CC Couple of punches, 2 DPs and a ranbu

Robert’s Fwd B hits low but it’s really too slow to catch anyone offguard.? Might be good for laggy matches though!

His Fwd A is far more interesting.? This seems to have a lot of priority and can hit sweeps (at least Iori’s).


So far, low B, low A, (only if close) Fwd A , (a tiny pause here for the QCF A to chain or combo) QCF A or? Fwd C to poke or Fwd A if you’re anticipating jumpers. Again that’s:

Low B –> Low A –> QCF A or Fwd C or Fwd A

Flailing around with Fwd A is not a bad idea so far, it seems to lure in jumpers who get hit by the same move.? After that, they’ll sit still…

Empty Jump in Combo

Low B —> Low A —> Fwd A? —> QCFHCB C works but you have to very close.

The one thing I don’t like about Robert is he poses too much- after certain moves (especially HCF D!!!), he’s wasting time when I could be applying pressure.? Edit: you can cancel the posing by simply moving.

Forum Thread

  • Joe Higashi

Joe Higashi

Joe’s user friendly and quite spaz and lag friendly to be honest.

You may find C, Fwd B harder to do because of XII’s timing, where if you don’t make the correct pause, bye bye combo.? There is a slight pause between C and Fwd B, you’re going to need to learn it- otherwise do:

Low B –> Low A –> Stand A –> Fwd B –> HCF C/ HCF D/ DP B

This is much easier and as long as you stick to HCF C, if they roll, they’re getting punished as you’ve recovered by then.

Joe’s main strategy is to poke with Fwd B cancelled into HCF A, then DP anything that moves.? If it doesn’t move, jump in (mixed with empty hops) and start the chain.? If it DPs you, then remain poking.? That’s ALL.

If you get bored of the chain combo listed above:

jD, C, CD, whatever

Easy CC: DP D, HCF B, HCF B, CD, QCFx2 P


(after 1st patch)

100+ hits – 999/ 100% damage

To practice this, set counter, max gauge and critical ON

You can do this in various ways, the easiest is:

C (CC Start) C, Hop C,C (2hits in air), rapid P

Note, this is a bug, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

I’ve also done this with without the first stand C ie. C(CC start), hop C (you’ve got to hit just as you leave the ground), (still in air) C, then rapid P as you land.

In the video below I’ve done it with Jump D,C, just to show how you can mix it up.


original source

  • Andy Bogard

If you thought Robert was easy to use, then Andy is a dream.? His C, Fwd A links effortlessly and then into any special move without a fuss.

Notes: I think I’ve seen Andy’s j D crossup…


Use Fwd A and then Fwd D to stop jumpers

You don’t have to throw those hishokens like Ryu you know, your opponent will be waiting for them, although you can Zaneiken a roller…

You should apply pressure with his low B, low A, db f A / f A qcb A then wait for a retaliation and DP or if the opponent has a fireball, jump over it and combo.? If the opponent starts blocking, then jump in and repeat.

Mid Screen on fallen opponent: qcf A (to hit as they get up) —> db f A

Mid screen: qcf A —> db f A? —> hcf B BD –>Low B, Low A, db f A


Low B, Stand A, Fwd A, qcb A / hcb hcf K

j D, C, CD, hcf D

j D, C, CD, (slight pause), HCF D (you’ll get one more hit than usual), DP C

When you start getting brave you can then attempt his HCF K cancel with B+D.? Andy will roll forward and you can try juggling.

Eg: Jump D, C, CD, hcf D, BD, dp C

Easy CC: C a few times, DP A x2, HCB QCF K

Slightly harder: CC? –> (dp A)x3 –> Charge CD and hit –> cancel into hcf D –> dp C? (13 hits 420 damage)

Expert: CC -> dp+A -> f+A -> dp+A -> db,f+A -> qcb+A (ends CC) -> forward run CD -> hcf+B-BD -> CD -> qcb,hcf+K ? Can start from the middle of the stage. The later you do the DM, the more hits it will connect (but very hard to do).

  • Terry Bogard


To push opponent back and keep them grounded, use Low B (up to 3), Stand B / Fwd A

Low Bx3, Stand B, Power Geyser – good for catching landing opponents

Low B –> Stand B —> Dwn Fwd C now chains!


Crackshoot (QCB B) is an overhead and on counter of course can then combo into low B into…


The old shortcut for Power Geyser is gone but Terry can buffer with Dwn, DwnBk B, Bk, HCF A.


Mid screen: Dwn Fwd C, QCB Ax3, CD cancelled into Power Geyser

Mid screen: CC, QCB C x2, QCB A, CD, Power Geyser (Still to be confirmed as the point is that Terry goes behind the opponent for juggling fun)

CC, QCB C, QCB Ax2, CD, QCB D, Dwn Up C =533

Remember that while CC is running, you can combo after Power Geyser

Arcadia released a combo early on which still packs serious damage.

CC -Dwn FwdC, QCB C, QCBHCF A, Fwd A, CD, QCB D, Dwn Up C

Check out Dark Geese’s video


If you’re curious, I’ve done this with 637 damage using QCB A burn knuckle and 654 with QCB C. Note, there’s a tiny delay after the Dwn Fwd C, so try that if it’s not working for you.

An easier is

CC: CD, QCB HCF A, Fwd A, CD, QCB D, Dwn Up C (572 Damage)

Doing this combo is actually much easier because there are plenty of pauses.? After the CC, you can wait a fair bit before hitting the CD.? You MUST wait a little before doing the Power Geyser because if you do it instantly you won’t be able to juggle the Fwd A.? After the Fwd A, the timing isn’t strict for the CD, but you must cancel into QCB D as soon as it hits (NOT BEFORE!), then charge immediately for the Rising Tackle.?? The damage is variable depending on how many hits you can get- let us know how much you got!

  • Kyo Kusanagi


Most damaging standing combo is his C, CD, (slight delay) HCB D.? You can add jumping hits only in the corner.

Easy combo is of course c B, c A, Dwnfwd D

but a much more damaging (181) combo is c B x2, B, RDP B, DP A.? You can even add another crouching B if you’re close enough.

Corner stun trap.

Optional Jump/Hop C, C, CD, QCF + D, C (Time this so it gives you time to charge CD), CD (hold to max), then combo of your choice

360/PSN ID ———————————————–

Looking for some challenges?? If you can find someone local with a blue icon connection, ADD THEM!

Forum ID thread


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