XII – Lag abuse


Even with the upcoming patch, you will at some point end up fighting someone with lag.? This is often referred to as “Underwater KOF”, as everything is slow and feels really heavy.? However, this is an advantage for some characters.

Playing with lag is like playing in the future- you need to think one second ahead.? The game is justn’t slow, there is an input delay, where you press a button and the move comes out a second later.? This also means you have more time to think, but at the crucial moment (for example if Kyo is hopping at you) you still have to guess and block high or low EARLY.

And that really is the main key to abusing lag.? Rush down and mix up high low attacks.? DON’T stand in the corner and throw fireballs, try using moves that start slow but become incredibly fast, such as Raiden’s db fwd P, Bare Knuckle, Zaneiken, Tiger Kick, Kyo’s HCB K, Iori’s HCB anything.? Execute your moves early, spam low B!

After a while, you’ll adapt to this speed and settle into playing properly, if you have the patience.? The next time you manage to play a normal game on a good connection, you’ll shit your pants at how fast KOF gameplay really is.

I personally like using Ash at slow speeds because it gives me much more time to play with?b-f P?and ensure my dwnup K connects!

Lag Abuse Tier

  1. Kyo
  2. Joe
  3. Kim
  4. Duo Lon
  5. Ash

Why is Kyo at the top?? You may notice that good players are good even at slow motion- if Kyo is rushing at you after you’ve been knocked down, you’ll need to pray you guess correctly what he’s going to do next:? A deep hop B or an empty hop into Low B chain.? Either can combo and knock you down, starting the guessing game again.? When you see Kyo about to land on your face, remember that you’ve got to hold block in the correct direction EARLY!? Ouch.

Joe comes second because we all know how bloody annoying that Tiger Kick is.? You can barely see it coming, and even if you do, it’s probably already too late to block it.

Duo Lon, even while slow, is too fast with his normals, so you’ll be pressing block in all directions and again, probably too late.? He will use and abuse his Fwd K.

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