KOF XII PS3/360 Tips

(360/PS3) CONSOLE NOTES/ TIPS/ HELP ——————————————–


Complete the game?with one character to unlock their portrait (and get their trophy).? To unlock the stage design art, get a perfect in that stage – can be versus the cpu in arcade or human online.? Note: there are two images in the stages gallery that will remain locked until you unlock all the character portraits – the manga doodle of Ash and the Terry/Ryo XII art.




Instead of constantly hitting “Refresh” to find a room, get a room list by performing a custom search but don’t forget to change rating to SSS.


Frankly the pixel look disturbs me.? Go to options and change the filter to 2 or 3.? I like 2.


PS3 – If you’re tired of the music, you can set your own!

Note: Make sure you have a playlist and or music already stored on your ps3 as you won’t be able to edit while playing XII.

  • If you are transferring music from a usb or HD make sure it is FAT32 or it won’t be recognised!? Even then it might say “no tracks” or “no titles”.? Just hit triangle to view all, and again to copy the files over.
  • You can otherwise copy from your media server folders – use Triangle.

Then simply load up XII, and get to the menu. Access the XMB menu (Press the PS home button) menu –> music —> select playlist or album, hit triangle and play!

  • If you select your music before you access the XII menu, your PS3 will tell you the playlist will start automatically, and it will, as soon as you press start to get into the XII menu.
  • If you play a playlist before the game loads, it will play but be interrupted by the game demo- however it will resume as soon as you enter the XII menu.

This?works online – but you have to create a room and set voice chat to OFF.?


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