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Road Map

  • Level 1-40
  • 50
  • 60
  • 70-90

Level 1-40

You need to choose a main character.  Then you will need:

  1. Dungeons
  2. cards
  3. capsules
  4. souls / dust

Capsules are the red, green and blue capsules that you can get from quest rewards or loot boxes!  These will increase your stats (Attack Defense and HitPoints), worth one buff each, up to a maximum of 99 per stat.  This leads to a “+297” written on your character to represent full buff.

This will take time!

To further buff your characters you will need a good striker or leader skill.

Then you should play efficiently. But you could just focus on your main. 

The quickest way to get a powerful team is to

  • Use your infinite roll to get a level 5 gold character
  • Complete the current element festival to get a level 80 character
  • Focus on Kyo 96 because you’ll get him at the start of the festival and he’ll get to level 80 as you progress through the first run of story mode and welcome festival.

Make sure the welcome festival is happening, and check rewards, otherwise this won’t happen.

Spend all of your welcome pack buffs on your main.

This limit break will use 10 souls then souls then red souls then the rainbow. Ideally you only want to use Mai’s souls because you can use the other items for other characters. Mai gets her own soul event in expert mode in KOF98.

NOTE: Are you fighting manually? Manually is the best way to play but you can save immense time by setting the game to Auto while you are watching TV etc

1 Do the dungeons, especially lunatic/expert level for EVERY DUNGEON, that means EXP >> Gold >> Cores >> Cards!

2 add all the cores you can/ farm dungeons

3 get your best cards and level them properly and max them out before upping the skill.

4 add capsules for ATK DEF and whatever, you get these from the secret shop etc – do not buy other character souls or whatever distracting things are in the shop.

5 Do all the daily tasks as listed in the efficiency page because this will give you rewards such as money so you can keep doing more!

6 Do the festivals because they often reward you with souls and capsules.

Note: playing efficiently is not the same as playing to get a summons.  If you want to summon a character, you must not spend ANY rubies.

Where to get more of this stuff? check the index!

Do not give your buffs or souls to ANYONE else.  Stay focused on your main.  Do not waste time with side events, unless there is a clear reward you want.  Do the growth and dailies first!  Consider the festivals or things that involve other characters when these are done.  Do not buy items to win new characters, do not buy summon tickets, just spend all your money on buffing your main.

If the quest request is asking you to do something for another character, ignore it, unless the reward looks good or it’s part of a festival that will unlock another stage.  If the quest notification is a quest that you don’t want to do, check the daily quests manually.  The rewards often contain buffs and AP, which are vital for your growth. Now repeat this cycle till you are 50.

NOTE: There are some ways to complete “other character” quests, such as just putting them in your team or tagging them in to finish a mission. Look at the conditions.

Carrying and levelling

Notice how Terry is being carried by the others, but saving on exp vials!

While you are levelling your main, your other two characters are also levelling up! Make sure there is always someone in your team that is levelling up. If your main is destroying everything, then make sure there are two characters levelling up. Once they are levelled, put in two other different elements.  You will need them later!

Level 50

Now destroy story mode on normal mode. You were already doing this as part of the daily quests. When it gets difficult, it’s probably because you have the wrong colour for the mission.  Go back to grinding till it doesn’t matter.  Or, when your main is level 50, you may have so much money and exp capsules that it’s easy to level up the element character that you need.

Level 60

When you get to KOF 98 and hard mode, you’ll need to be 60 with full cores plus plenty of item buffs.  Don’t worry about the “CP is too low” warning, worry about the leverage color.  When you just can’t get past, now it’s time to find a partner with the correct colour that already has a load of souls waiting to be used (Kyo96?) or do an event such as the yellow festival for Terry or King Quest. You’ll need to look a full team of elements soon.   Pick a team of each colour.  Start spreading the power. 

After level 60, things will get more tough.  You will need to be efficient!  You need souls and they become very hard to get. You will not be able to complete some bosses on auto, you’ll need to at least help your character roll out of the way.

Note: Capsules buffs will max out at 99 points for each buff.

Level 70-90

When you are very strong, farm the tower of trials and the epic quest for items, and check the festivals such as King’s quest which can give 30 HP capsules (note that epic quest buffs only work in the epic quest). You may find getting certain colour souls are very difficult. Use the exchange and secret shop!

Thanks to Patta for the tips!

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