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We’re honoured to introduce to you one of the most famous cosplayer in the word. She is the one! Winner of the “World cosplay summit” 2005 of Nagoya, winner of the “Neo geo mini contest”, actress, singer, dubber … all in one girl! Artiko meets Giorgia cosplay!


1. How did you come to know about The king of fighters?


I know the game between 1994 and 1995, when the first chapter was out and the second one was coming. I miss the articles in the videogame magazines about it, because they did not have the widespread current diffusion, especially in the local newsstands and when I found it in front of me, has been a real surprise! I thought that I could use so many characters from different series it was really a dream come true.


2. Your favorite team of all time?


With the release of KOF was introduced a whole new team, the Japan team, that partly opened the story line of the game. Impossible not to fall in love with it, so I often alternated it with the English team that included my favorite fighters, especially Mai Shiranui. It is very difficult to actually choose a single team because very often in the follow chapters, the characters were mixed and the teams are mixed, so it also depends a lot from chapter to chapter.


 Giorgia as Mai Shiranui from Fatal fury

Giorgia as Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury


3. What do you think about KOF XIV?


From the point of view of the gameplay, I think it is really exceptional ( excluding the auto-combos RUSH ). I really appreciate the cut-scenes and especially the hand-drawn endings, but the 3D graphics in game is really bad. The characters are similar to puppets and the almost total absence of animations on the stages, makes, in my opinion, the game a bit ‘flat and not very stimulating’. Having touched the pinnacle of bitmap graphics in the previous chapters, now moving to the style of the XIV turned out to be really hard to accept.


4. Do you have any other SNK games that you particularly like?


Obviously yes! The whole saga of Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting ( also the third ), Samurai Shodown/Spirits and Gekka no Kenshi. If I had to say a little underestimated title that I like a lot, I think it would be “FF Real Bout Special”.


5. What do you think about the fighting game community ( FGC )?


I have never approached communities like forums, if not when I followed first of all the need to do some cosplay on my site, but I think it is a great meeting point for the fans to know each other, confront and play together.


Giorgia as Mai Shiranui from KOF XIV


6. Can you tell us which are your greatest passions?


Without a doubt the theater, Harry Potter, the 80s at 360 ° ( from music, to anime, through coin ops and magazines ).


7. What is the funniest thing that happened to you during an event?


I remember with pleasure the time I met Go Nagai in the role of Baron Ashura during the Comicon in Naples.

All the fans were in pole position, asking for very technical questions about the sensei’s manga / anime  and I asked him, trying to emulate the double voice of Dr. Hell’s lieutenant, “If I was his favorite bad guy”. He laughed a lot, and then he also came to shake my hand.


8. If you had to choose the manga / anime that best represents you, what would it be?

Mah? no tenshi Kur?m? Mami <3

 Giorgia as Mai Shiranui from Fatal fury

Giorgia as Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury


9. How your fans can contact you?


On my Facebook page: Giorgiacosplay

On Instagram: Giorgiacosplay

on Twitter: Giorgia_Cosplay

or to the dear old mail :

or my website :


10. Tell us about your future plans, what can we expect?


I will continue my collaboration with the italian show “Radio Animati” as the Inspector Gadget, I currently follow the creation and the scribbling of a book related to the Disney world, that however will not see the light before 2019 and some new cosplay sets are coming to life!



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