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Your character can increase their strength through their levels but you can also increase their stats using cards.

The best and rarest cards are 5 star. They will give you the most CP to boost your character.

There are 3 types of cards

  • Set
  • Option
  • Action

Yellow Set cards work best together as a set of three, and give you a bonus. Sets are made of the sword, seed and mirror, representing the sacred treasures.

Green Option cards have a special skill but also can work in a set. You can only have two.  The third box with a plus sign is UNUSED.

Action cards unlock the ultimate move for your character.


Each card has a skill. This is very important.

You can level up your card by using rewards from the card quests.

However, many players overlook the fact you can upgrade the skill.

For example: the Kula card starts with a base attack of 2.3%.

If you level the card up normally, it will raise level and the attack will stay the same.

If you use the special cards to raise the skill up chance to 100% then the attack rises to 2.4%

Every time you raise the skill, the probability lowers. So it’s very hard to raise a card over level 7. After  this point it all depends on luck!  However you can get 100% level up using a duplicate card or possibly a 3 star card that has been evolved and skill maxed.

Bear in mind that if you want to level up skills then pay attention to how much its worth, you may not need to level it to the max to get the 100% probability!

Here are the conversion rates

CP Strategy

If you want CP, a card with high skills will add more CP to the character, so when you’re in a rush to get more power, raise the card first to max, worry about skills afterwards.  As soon as you have time, raise the skill level!  Raise and evolve a 3 star set card from your duplicates to use as material for your set, option or even your special cards!

Note : you can max out your card first and then try to raise skills, it’s just not efficient, but for certain quests you need that CP boost first… 

Have a look at Patta’s Kyo 96. With 3 Kula cards he now has a CP level of nearly 17k. This is what makes the difference between every other Kyo96!

Card Limit

You can only store 300 cards.  So use them!!!

Best Cards

The Kula Card set gives you a damage boost of 14% after landing a critical.  If you were lucky to get the Tekken girls set and/or the TekkenxKOF card, those were awesome too.

The Maxima and Kula option cards reduce the cooldown of moves, therefore you can do your specials more often… therefore the opponent will get smashed up…

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