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This map is now outdated, please check on google maps

Note (July 2018) – the shops detailed below are still there but the smaller ones may not be, please check on google maps.

#15 – Mandrake

This is an incredible shop for Transformers enthusiasts.

Yellow Shining Ultra Magnus

Yellow Shining Ultra Magnus

G1 Predaking 26,250 yen

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus 9,450 yen

Green colour G1 Slag

Yellow G1 Ultra Magnus (Apparently, there are only 800 of these made!!!)

They even have Transformers from Spain!?  Interesting to note they even have the Fan Made Ultra Magnus Trailer Armour.  I found the Alternity Megatron here for 2,940yen – lowest price in Akiba I saw (maybe it was box damaged?).

I can’t go on about how shocked and surprised you will be at seeing some of these classic TFs.  A loose Binaltech Shockwave for 3,150…. hmmm.

More pics here

Since this report was written, prices fell in 2017 as more competition rose with other shops such as Jungle, Liberty 8 and Surugaya Specialty shop.

Here are some shops you must check out for TFs:

#1. Jungle

Great collection!

#23 etc Liberty stores 

lots of the latest and “as new” 2nd hand TFs here with a quite good classic G1 collection.

#24 Golden Age

next to Liberty, worth a check even though it’s a small collection crammed into a tiny shop- a mix of old and new TFs.

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