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  • New and Used – varied quality + junk
  • Boxed and unboxed and unwrapped
  • Accessories / Stationery / Card games
  • Popular Mainstream + Side characters + some special editions
  • Some quite rare items

Directions: From Souehirochou station, it’s next to Liberty 5.

The new contender, this store is new on the strip (yet on google maps), this brand also has a retro store down the side street (which is on the map).

Having been to Liberty a few times, this store feels fresh, and while the aisles are narrow, it seems easier to find stuff, as opposed to the never ending stairs and multiple stores of Liberty.

Has a really pretty collection, with some classic figures. Some good respect for the rare fighting game characters such as Goddess Athena, that HUGE Mina figure, Cammy and more (check the gallery below!) and no, Persona 4 doesn’t count. They have a dedicated Tiger & Bunny section too, and don’t miss that pink Izaya from Durrara!

Some of their unboxed collection was a little alarming as they were totally at the mercy of grubby otaku without any plastic wrapping… this seems to be a new trend in some stores, perhaps these figures are simply so common it’s no great loss if they get damaged…

I don’t remember seeing a grading system or helpful English advice like in Jungle.

They have a great junk corner, where you’ll find some gems, with some scratches or something, but rock bottom prices!

2019, a new towerblock opens up on the back street with huge stock! You can reach the tower from either side of the building but it’s much more prominent from the backstreets. The stairs are on the outside of the building so you can get some nice views… of the other buildings in Akiba… Their sign is also quite cheeky as it blocks Mandarake’s….

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