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The most talked about point in KOFXV’s roster

Heidern’s placement in the KOF15 roster was pivotal. Everyone and their cat believed Heidern would lead a team, arguably a 2nd Ikari squad with Whip and a returning or new character such as Adelheid. It made no other sense. Heidern was on the KOFXV poster, and fans considered the possibility…

Geese Krizalid Summon Battle

Saturday 1st May 11pmCENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME Streaming Featuring: Dark Gren The Big Review Mr Rexplite and me Oyaji-Gunsmith

The Struggle for Information

   FGC News ,,   April 26, 2021  No Comments

Today a few people lamented over how wikis were in danger of being left to rot, in favour of chat rooms. This is a truth, however it affects the community rather than the mainstream, and the community benefits more from interaction compared to a static text file.

7DS Summon Battle

   FGC News ,,   March 30, 2021  No Comments

TBC streamers will spend 120,000 rubies!!! 10th April 11pm CET TBC FEATURING (with backup streams): TBC Dark Gren…? The Big Review…? Mr Rexplite…? and me Oyaji-Gunsmith BRACKETS: TBC

Summon Battle!

10.30 PM CET 6 streamers will spend 27K of rubies!!! FEATURING (with backup streams): Snow…? Dark Gren…? The Big Review…? SeikoWallet Mr Rexplite…? and me Oyaji-Gunsmith BRACKETS: S4aint and Blue Eyed Drake can’t make it, maybe next time!

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