3.2 Perception

Ah.  There she is. 

“Yo yo yo! I got to see that episode you were working on, Inoki-sama!  It’s great!” he posted, and went about doing other things, to see if this bait would be taken.

“Eh? Really? It came out on Blu-Ray yesterday, did you pre-order it from Japan?” she replied.

Karl inhaled through his teeth.  Here we go.

“No, I watched it with English subtitles on a stream! Look, here’s a picture at full quality, it’s marvellous!” 

He posted a link to the screenshot, where a character sat under a sunny sky in a field of grass, and waited.

She was, as expected of a famous and honoured artist, absolutely incensed.

“Do you know what a sky looks like? It is a gradient of blue.  It is a sweeping crescendo of colour.  This is a hand painted scene. It took four artists to compose the layers.  What you have here are 5 stripes of blue.  Look at the grass.  Is the grass made of lego?  Is this from the Super Nintendo version?  Each blade of grass is a CGI model.  How can you watch this and tell me it looks marvellous?  Do you have shit in your eyes?”

“This is the official licensed stream. I paid to watch it, is this what I paid for?” Karl replied, and tagged the company, quietly cackling to himself.

She stopped, realising the embarrassment she had caused, but it was too late.

“I’m cancelling my subscription”

“This is why piracy is better”

“The subtitles aren’t even accurate”

“Should have torrented it”

Karl leaned back, and was faintly amused with the noise he had created. 

He drummed his fingers on the mouse. The impact just wasn’t fast enough.  He kissed his teeth and started looking for other shit to stir.

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