002.2 The Beta

“You are streaming this, aren’t you.” Alice suddenly looked and felt very very tall. “No,” he said, as he shrank and turned round, “what?” They both rushed over to the corner (well ok, she went and he followed) and the perpetrator stood there, still recording. “Bruv got pwned hard and bitched her out lololol” as… Continue reading 002.2 The Beta

002.1 The Beta

“So,” with the usual finger to his glasses, Dapi assumed it was clear that this was the time for serious talk. “what do you think we should do with this beta?”  “Well,” replied Charles, with a gleam in his eye, “friendzoning is the most typical outcome.” Charles had prepared for the case that this meticulously… Continue reading 002.1 The Beta

001 A Family Man at Home

Tired of the noise, he looked up from his screen and around the table.   Everyone else was looking down.  The food hung mid air.  He thought about reminding Alice to close her mouth when she was chewing but she wasn’t even doing that.  She wasn’t really doing anything, just staring- with her mouth open; he… Continue reading 001 A Family Man at Home