2.6 Beardyboys

2.6  About 19 minutes later, MrBeardy99 fed his followers with a spicy post about a new game he had access to. The biteback came thick and fast. “Another exclusive for the beardyboys! Let’s gooooo!” Kennymorte20 was desperate to be a part of the community. They craved likes and thumbs up and if they got a… Continue reading 2.6 Beardyboys

RB 2.5 The Beta

THE BETA While the populace in Europe were still on their way to work, people in the East were approaching the end of the day.  To be clear, that didn’t mean they would stop working, it just meant the afternoon was about to end and the trudge would continue well into the evening.  At around… Continue reading RB 2.5 The Beta

RB 2.4

“Fill up to your heart’s content!!!”  The app’s mascot, a pig munching on newspaper, squealed happily as the man, self-titled The Coach, tapped on it again as he wasn’t sure if it was loading or frozen.  The loading icon finally appeared after 1.3 seconds and he felt the relief wash over him.  This was followed… Continue reading RB 2.4

RB 2.3

This is probably on stream, Alice thought to herself, as she looked to the left and right, as some random guy whom she had maybe seen around but never really talked to confessed his feelings and asked for a date.  It was already a piss take that she had had to travel to school during… Continue reading RB 2.3