Reboot 2.2

Hanzo had heard of the term ‘Alpha Male’, and it just seemed like some American nonsense.  Men were men, there was a hierarchy, you listened to your superiors, you did what you were assigned to do.  Some men were handsome, some were funny, but it was the work that was most important. You would always… Continue reading Reboot 2.2

Reboot 2.1

While the populace in Europe were still on their way to work, people in the East were approaching the end of the day.  To be clear, that didn’t mean they would stop working, it just meant the afternoon was about to end and the trudge would continue well into the evening.  At around 5pm, the… Continue reading Reboot 2.1

Edit notice

Hello, thanks for reading everything so far, I’ve been on holiday so I’ve had some time to review the texts. There’s no change to the plot but there’s a couple of edits that needed to be made and the new edition will be out on Amazon soon! I’m very excited and hope you will all… Continue reading Edit notice