3.2 Perception

Ah.  There she is.  “Yo yo yo! I got to see that episode you were working on, Inoki-sama!  It’s great!” he posted, and went about doing other things, to see if this bait would be taken. “Eh? Really? It came out on Blu-Ray yesterday, did you pre-order it from Japan?” she replied. Karl inhaled through… Continue reading 3.2 Perception

3.1 The Division

“Why don’t you stream on Gamerville?” asked Jenny11, on the stream chat.  “That’s where all the gamers are.” she wrote. Alice repeated the question out loud, and still hadn’t thought of a good response. “Well,” she pondered, “do my subscribers feel the same way?  Please let me know in the chat, please.” The five people… Continue reading 3.1 The Division