3.5 An updated design

“How’s it going with the write up for the next character reveal?” Asked Charles, staring at the black screen. Her camera was off, but he insisted to not reciprocate and continued to exaggerate his Japanese style nodding towards the webcam, as he reminded the artist that the deadline was this Thursday. “It’s Monday, so there’s… Continue reading 3.5 An updated design

3.4 Not in my game

Twenty four hours after posting about Palestine, MVS, the biggest gaming mag on the planet, pulled the article. “You wot?” cackled the smaller gaming mags, “well, shit, time for an article about removing an article.” “Mind,” sent the editor of GGamers, in a SMS to her newest teenage contributor hopeful, as they scrambled to put… Continue reading 3.4 Not in my game

3.3 SwordMan7

“Bruh” wrote John, “SM7 is coming to PC” There was no reply. He waited around, checking for at least an hour. The lack of reponse was due to time zones, of course. Not because he was unpopular, he told himself. Someone tagged his comment with a shocked emote. John left the chat, again deflated, and… Continue reading 3.3 SwordMan7